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Hobart Books

Welcome to Hobart Books, the new independent publisher of popular fiction. We bring accessible, topical fiction to your bookshelves from new authors that have never been published. We do that by removing some of the barriers of traditional publishing so that authors can be published and readers can access exciting new works. Join us on our journey!

Gold Fish

Our story

Hobart Books was founded in December 2020 by two old friends, David Roy and Adam Gardner. David had been writing books for 26 years without a publishing deal. Adam had been working in commercial publishing companies for almost 20 years. What neither of them understand is why it took them so long to realise they could help each other. In late 2020 the penny dropped and Hobart was born – an independent press aimed at publishing quality books from authors who typically had not been signed up by a commercial publisher.

Hobart publishes adult fiction across all genres that is accessible, fast paced and topical, with a focus on crime, espionage and military thrillers. Our aim is to offer traditional publishing services to independent authors on untraditionally agreeable terms.

We will publish quality manuscripts that commercial publishers would not, and pledge to pay royalties that are fair and representative of the work involved in writing and publishing a book. 

Details of our submissions policy are here. We're actively seeking manuscripts to include in our publishing programme, so contact us now with your submission.

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