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An Unconventional Mind

An Unconventional Mind




…a melange of enjoyable, bite-sized literature


The aim of this book is to carry the same comfort as the staple Shepherd’s Pie your Grandma used to make with love, warmth, compassion and mince. Of course, if your Grandma’s attempts at cooking were nothing short of a death sentence, or you happen to be a vegan, this analogy does not apply to you.


At the core of this book is a hug when no willing hugger is around, or a shoulder to cry on when all shoulders are occupied. Pages of reassurance that say ‘yeah don’t worry, I’ve been there too’.


To some, it's just a retreat from all the uncertainty and turbulence that life holds… uncertainty and turbulence that your mildly unconventional brain holds.


Or it's just a provider of entertainment, unaccompanied by the commitment that a regular storybook or biography requires.


Not dissimilar to a beloved teddy missing an eye and the majority of its stuffing, or an expensive but ugly looking heirloom of a necklace, this book can be passed down through generations, complete with your own annotations, doodles, cuttings and stickings, coffee stains, wine stains, tear stains and a sliver of your soul.


It’s an assembly of hopeful anecdotes, reflections on life, nonsensical utterances, short stories, and uplifting reminders that feel so deeply personal yet universally touching.


Interspersed between the philosophical thinking and thought-provoking advice pages are pockets of humour, recipes, chinchilla care tips, word-searches…


…a melange of enjoyable, bite-sized literature.




  • By: Grace Roy

    Genre: Self-help, Mental Health
    ISBN: 978-1-914322-19-8
    Format: Paperback
    Pub date: 15 November 2023

  • Available from:

    Online in print and as an eBook on Kindle 

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