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Sniff Them Out, Brownlow!

Sniff Them Out, Brownlow!


Also available on Kindle!


‘Written with a great deal of warmth and wit, this light-hearted crime thriller jaunts along at a good pace with the perfect balance of scene-setting and action.’ - Gill Kaye, Ingenu/e Magazine
‘This is a page turner, which I recommend, especially for those readers who love animals.’ Carol Westron, Promoting Crime Blogspot
‘Wittily written with interesting characters and a neat - if slightly bonkers - plot, it's a relaxing read which will especially delight animal lovers.’ - Anne Hill, Sussex Life Magazine



Sophie Gorrage and her trained sniffer dog Brownlow work as pet detectives. On any normal day they’ll track down all kinds of lost creatures, reuniting them with their grateful owners. But when the Cocker Spaniels of reality TV star Rouki Bennett are snatched from a Sussex common, Sophie is keen to take on the high profile case.


To her dismay Rouki doesn’t think that hiring the pet detectives will lead to the recovery of her beloved dogs. Before the demanding diva can decide, Sophie and Brownlow hear from chart-topping rapper Medalsum, whose dog Tasha has been grabbed during a violent carjacking in east London. He wants them to investigate.


In a brief period, two more canines in the public eye are stolen. Sophie suspects the cases are all related, and it appears she and Brownlow are dealing with a serial dognapper.


The pet detective duo has encountered dog thieves before, but those criminals were after fashionable breeds to sell on for quick profits, rather than targeting the dogs of celebrities. Why snatch their dogs though?


Sophie needs all her deductive skills and Brownlow his first class nose as they attempt to discover who is stealing the dogs, where they are taking them, and why. But just as they are getting close to their quarry, the stakes are dramatically raised, and the lives of both human and dog are put in peril.



  • By: Judy Upton

    Genre: Crime and mystery: private investigator / amateur detectives; Crime and mystery: cosy mystery
    ISBN: 978-1-914322-13-6
    Format: Paperback
    Pub date: 30 August 2022

  • Available from:

    All bookshops or online from Amazon 

    Also available as an e-book on Kindle!

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