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Submissions guidelines

We continue to be extremely busy with submissions and remain unable to accept any new manuscripts

24 March 2024

  • We accept manuscripts of around 80,000 words in extent. If your work falls outside of this, please contact us before submitting

  • Please ensure your submission is your best draft and that you have used available grammar and spellchecking tools before submission (for example, those in MS Word). Manuscripts that contain too many basic errors will not be reviewed

  • Manuscripts should be written in British English, double-spaced and minimum 10 pt font. Do not typeset your work or apply any complex formatting (page numbers, bold, italics etc. are fine)

  • Illustrations are discouraged unless appearing on the cover

  • All manuscripts must be in MS Word or Rich Text Format (RTF). No other format will be accepted, including PDFs & hard copies

  • Please include a detailed synopsis of the work and a brief biography with your submission

That's the detail, but it's probably easier to contact us to discuss your work first

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