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Brownlow Checks In

Brownlow Checks In


A Brownlow Mystery


Two cats are stolen from an upmarket Sussex cattery, one right under the nose of Brownlow, the sniffer dog of pet detective Sophie Gorrage. The Felinicity Cat Hotel And Spa offers five star luxury boarding and its owner is worried about the damage to her establishment’s reputation.


To Sophie Gorrage something about the cat thefts doesn’t add up. Russian Blue Stravinsky and Scottish Fold McCracken are both much-loved companions, but with no similar raids recently reported there’s nothing to suggest a professional thief is stealing pedigree cats. With no suspects, finding stolen felines is proving trickier than herding cats.


Sophie tries delving into the history of both stolen animals. Two weeks previously, Stravinsky's owner had been raided by thieves, who stole a set of diamonds hired to wear at the BAFTAs. It might be unrelated, but Sophie Gorrage doesn’t believe in coincidences. As the trail leads from London to Paris, she and Brownlow are pitted against ruthless criminals of a very different kind than those they’ve encountered before.



  • By: Judy Upton

    Genre: Crime and mystery: private investigator / amateur detectives; Crime and mystery: cosy mystery
    ISBN: 978-1-914322-18-1
    Format: Paperback
    Pub date: 15 May 2023

  • Available from:

    Online from Amazon in print and as an eBook on Kindle 

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